Chromium Mega pack dropped a bunch of duds



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    Mad overpricing in all these mobile games. It's the same cycle of addiction/compulsion you see in gamblers or people hooked on illegal drugs.
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    Unless you are a whale, stick to bundles or crystal subscription.
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    Someone is mad at the slot machine. Just saying a slot machine is a slot machine if you spend $5 or $500.
    It's all about the luck of the draw. Lol if you're crying over $20 and duds I should probably go AWOL with my $100 and 32 duds.... albeit they weren't all duds but they were about 80% crap
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    If you want spend like 100€ I would get the big crystal pack.
    Then target 2 heroes that can only be get through hard modes. Like Rey and Anakin.
    I would make refills and hard mode refresh to get their shards.

    4 refills give you 480 energy and cost 300 crystal.
    2 Rey Hard stages cost 84 energy to finish.
    You can do this 5 times with 3 refills.
    Thats 5*6=30 attempts at getting shards.
    You must spend another 400 crystals to refresh the hard stages.

    So its 700 crystals for 30 daily attempts. Lets say you get 8 shards out of them.
    You will have to do it over 10 days and unlock Rey and spend 7000 crystals.
    You still have 8500 crystals remaining. To keep upgrading Rey or unlock another character.

    If TFA pack have had Rey in it or a hard farmeable character I would have bought it.

    What do you think?
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    Barrok wrote: »
    don't buy them

    Yes, you are right.
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    I only bought the 4x pack once. But not with cash just saved crystals. Its wasn't good. I had more luck with the Bronze packs. With that I've unlocked most of my characters. Boba Fett being the best,Plo Koon & Fives being a close second and a lot of shards. My line up is a 5 Star Sidious , Jedi Counselor & Savage Oppress, 4 Star Boba & Unduli. So don't waste money its a farely easy game to advance in.
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    ArtypeHMN wrote: »
    So i laid down $20 through iTunes to purchase enough Crystals to buy a Chromium Mega Pack. It shows you the "Top Drops" and advertises the "best chance" to get Kylo Ren. What I got was a bunch of duds! Nothing from "Top Drops" and no Kylo Ren cards. I feel supremely ripped off and will NEVER spend money on this game again. EA needs to stop with the false advertising ASAP.


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    I wont buy another one.
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