Is today national critical hit day or something!?

Never seen so many crits since I started playing. o_0

On both sides. Significantly more for the AI, but still, I get a lot more than usual too.

It's insane.... Everything dies so fast! Both in arena and GW.

Just a wild RNG fit, or they changed something!?


  • Could it be because of the new update that guarantees you a crit hit when you have advantage?
  • Oh.... Yeah I forgot, that might explain some of it (though not all).

    Last 2 fights I swear they had 100% crit rate for the whole fight, my Lumi spent half the fight stunned, they still dodge 30-40% of my attacks, and my team doesn't hit nearly as hard as they used to.

    I've never cursed so much in my life..
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