Need a defend option...unless there is one...?

After coming across Dooku in pvp I realized that his 100% counter is just awful. I needed one more round to heal with an ally Daka but was forced to attack as only option and the counter killed her. Is there a way to skip a characters turn if they are low on health and don't want to attack someone with a counter ability? If not they should add one...I realize all the Dooku owners will hate this...


  • You can't do this currently.
  • I would also like to see a skip turn too. I think I would also add that by skipping, you also reset the speed counter too (as you forfeit the turn by doing so).
  • Blam
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    As long as defend had a cool down I think it would be a great addition
  • I think attacking already gives you a huge advantage vs. AI controlled teams. The defend option would give an additional edge to the attacker and I would suggest they skip this feature for now.
  • I WAS waiting this too, but it could be exploited. Gw- just throw in barris and heal everyone to full.

    Sometimes I dont want to kill the enemy so I can get more heal off, but fotp always gotta kill people.
    --Nud Stark--
  • Id like to see a defend option as well, but I do agree that it could be exploitable. Maybe as suggested here, it could have a cooldown timer so its not abused. 2 turns?
  • Chewdoka's got a good point. Attackers already have a huge advantage.
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