Ability Material Omega Event


Here is the information on the new event that will be going live today with the Balance Update.

Ability Material Omega Event: This special limited time event will reward players with Ability Materials of all levels, including the elusive Omega Material! In addition players who defeat the lowest level of the event will be awarded a large number of Credits. Here are some additional details on the event:
  • Each day of the event will only require 3 characters from a predetermined list
  • Ability Material Omega is only available at Level 80 outside of this special event
  • The new event will allow players to earn enough Omegas over a 12-day period to level up a single character's abilities
  • Each event will have 3 levels of difficulty
    • Easy - Unlocks at Level 30
    • Medium - Unlocks at Level 50
    • Hard - Unlocks at Level 70
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