Making Tribes More Interesting

What do I mean by tribes? Characters that are put into groups such as jedi, empire, sith, rebels etc, where Luke Skywalker belongs to the 'Jedi' tribe. While some of these tribes already have interesting synergies and themes, others are left to the wayside.

Examples of good tribe synergies: Jedi counter teams + increased assist from jedi + increased healing if jedi. First order advantage/assist attack etc increasing with more first order characters in your group. Droids crit synergy with each other and droid assists

Examples of poor tribe synergies:Empire severly lacking compared to any other teams unless fighting against rebels + poor leader boost the only one of which being different to other tribes boosts is 25% offense up. Nightsisters absolutely no synergy with each other outside of small defense increase from dakas leadership or decent speed boost from Asajji

Characters with poor synergies with others really cut down on the options available to a player when making their team. Why have an empire team when they synergise poorly, are too weak to splash into other compositions compared to other characters that do the same thing (an exeption being for your darth vader).

What suggestions would you have for making more characters interesting? Characters like darth maul and luminara can be splashed into many groups because they bring a specific significant skill to a group such as jedi countering or healing, which are fine, but I think it would be better for other tribes and characters to be buffed similarly to how darth maul was to work in different situations.

Examples: Empire really need something better in terms of leader skills, having something such as +x% chance for empire allies to add a random debuff for example. Also take for example Tarkins ability intimidate, a much much much weaker version of old bens mind trick, that is still only as good as or weaker to mind trick when used against rebels. An entire turn just to have a CHANCE of inflicting offense down? I don't think so.

Nightsisters: Leader ability when a nightsister crits they gain offense up, or when a ngihsister ally gets damage all characters have a chance to gain speed/offense up.

Balancing would be more interesting if things were buffed to fill roles such as darth maul being a jedi slaughterer, over reducing barriss heal to the point it is barely noticeable.

What are your thoughts on potential changes to characters or tribes to put them on par with other viable builds?


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    Honestly, I have a lot to say on this subject, but I am tired and a bit drunk. Suffice to say they made the group type mechanic too powerful in their previous collectible character squad-based game, Heroes of Dragon Age, and it caused a lot of imbalance in the game and dissent in the forums. Particularly when they would release heroes who were more accessible to players willing to spend a lot of money, even when only available through PvE and PvP. They have done a much better job in this game, particularly with the clauses that say something like "and half value for non-x heroes". Pay-to-win characters with major percent buffs on all characters were a large reason why I abandoned that game. It was pathetic. So, try to realize this game is very early into its infancy, and will be significantly improved as it matures and receives significant updates. They are extremely limited by the fact that Disney has moved all extended universe lore into the non-canon category, so if we get any other characters in that category besides HK-47, be grateful for that. In any case, I feel like Savage Opress should be included in the Nightsisters group, due to his important role in the Nightsisters' affairs (regardless of his gender), but that is up to how the developers interpret the lore. Just be patient and maybe we will see major changes in how leader buffs apply to both existing characters and new ones in the future.
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