Star character first then train?

Hi all, I was wondering whether it makes any difference if you train a character to for example lvl 40 and then get it to 4 stars or if you should first get it to 4 stars and then train it to lvl 40 (statwise difference) Thanks a bunch


  • I think the order doesn't matter, the character will end up with the same stats.
  • Nope, pretty common in this kind of game, but not in this one, fortunately.
  • There is no difference. So feel free to Upgrade his/her gear
  • You will end up with the same character. However, it makes a difference for all the battles on the way.

    My suggestion:

    - Upgrade abilities first
    - You will notice that at some point, you need to upgrade gear to further abilities
    - In order to upgrade gear, at some point you will need to be higher level

    Stars make by far the biggest difference when it comes to the power of a character, but are also very hard to increase.

    Abilities are also very important, as they might change the mechanics of a character, e.g. offering a bonus shield with a strength independent of level and gear.

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