Chewy useless after some level or not?

Hey guyz. I am at level 49.
My team is all lvl 49 Sid 5star chewie jawa talia 4star and jedi cons 3 star all VI level gear. I read in forum that chewie becomes useless at some level and at arena i feel he is getting useless really. What do u think about this, today(in 3 or 4 hours) im gonna have ct-fives so maybe i can replace chewie with him?


  • I have a 6* chewie. He soaks up a ton of damage while my other toons wreak havoc. I am glad that other players don't use him.
  • Lorenzo
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    Well I'm only 54 myself, but from experience plus reading what the soft launch players have to say plus extrapolating current trends ...

    Not "useless," but less useful, and not really meriting a role on an arena team. Doesn't/won't do enough damage, and not enough utility to make up for it.

    He's fine for PvE and will remain so, but of course eventually that is a moot point unless they add more PvE content. For GW he still has a significant role for me, though it is declining and probably will continue to do so.

    I 5*ed him, and got his gear to VI, and got his abilities to 4, but will put no more resources into him (except leveling him to 60, mainly for GW). I'm also somewhat regretting the 5th *; probably should have invested those shards in JC.
  • At 6*, VII, and Lvl 60 he does over 1,000 pts damage. He has a chance to remove 50% turn meter. He can hit Sid and has ~12k health. 1-1 he will take out almost anyone, e.g. vader.
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    I'm slowly replacing mine with Poe, the main problem however is that Poe is hard to farm, even if you use one cantina recharge every day, it's still 5 shards per day...
  • He's pure tank with no control. So he may be useful depending on your playing stylem
  • Even if he hits Sid he is not that good anymore. I am currently rank 20 in my arena and the top players use these nasty AOE teams that can destroy everything. Also at high level you can see Maces, Asajjes and Kylos that can make chewy more then useless. Only with Sid and DM i can tear their team down and after all there is nothing for Chewy to do. Yes, the AOE teams can melt you down even if you play something else better than chewy. But for instance - If you put Boba, you can get ability block, if you use Fives - you can counter - all better than chewy's taunt. And still these guys wont be enough to stop top tier teams but at least they have better potential. I will put Phasma instead of Chewy any day. You should understand that the taunt loses its value at latter stages of the game. And even if it doesn't - bring somebody else in. The other taunts have better dmg and some of them have more hp than chewy. You can use him, don't let him down , but he loses his value, and he loses it hard.
  • I haven't yet seen a 7* Chewy, but have seen some 3 very high dps characters combined with high pds and heal JC and a 6* Chewy. Eg. A very high pds HK plus 88 and 86. I hated Chewy's presence!! Enemy was -4k energy and in defense, a pain due to Chewy.

    If you have glass canons with very high dps, Chewy can make them last 2-3 more turns. How long can the enemy hold versus massive dps and ability blocks? That's how much Chewy is worth.

    This Chewy is also conceiled. Never the leader.
  • Three more points. Pretty much universally the opinion of people who have actually played end game is that his usefulness declines drastically at end game. Secondly he is rarely on the top ranked teams, which should tell you something.

    As for "good on defense," I disagree. In arena, on offense, I don't think I've ever lost to a team with chewy defending (if I have his presence was incidental; he's never caused me trouble). But even if he's tougher for some people, it's not that relevant. You're going to lose most of the time on defense regardless.

    The teams that cause me trouble are either heavy aoe teams or unbalanced teams with a bunch of heavy hitters who can chew you up fast. Chewy doesn't help much against those teams. Granted, he's still on my arena team for now, but that's only because I do not yet have an adequate replacement.
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