Rate my Team, please

Darth Sidious 5* VII
Luminara 5 * VII
Chewie 5* VI
Boba Fett 5* VII
Savage Oppress 4* VI

I think i had so much tank in my Team, but i want change one of them with a good character, but who?

(I know, my english suck)


  • Who are you using as leader?

    Sid and Luminara are pretty much a given in the current meta. As to the rest of the squad, there are several options:

    You could use Dooku if you can get him starred (very slow, only 6 possible chances per day for a shard)

    I would drop Chewie in favor of more DPS and you could also use JC if you wanted another healer and his damage isn't horrible. He is also easy to farm in cantina battles.

    I don't have boba or savage yet so I'm Not sure on them, I personally am enjoying my Jedi/Sith team with JC/Lumi/Asoka/Dooku/Sid as it holds its own in top 20 on my realm, but i have a long way to go before it's really solid.
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    I used before Chewie, for the Defense bonus, but now i use Sidious for amazong Critical Damage (now Leader ability is Lvl 5)... I have an Jedi C 5* VI but i dont know when/where use it.
    Thanks for reply

    * I have only 21 shards for Dooku
  • You have 2 pieces of an aoe team, and the rest of your team are filler characters. With that said, kylo ren in canteena nide farmable with a 1 in 2.4 shard drop chance (he's an easy farm) and would complement your aoe tactics. Poe is farmable from canteena shipments and would also work great in an aoe team. Run that luminara healer, and then seek out a direct damage finisher (she costs, but leia is fast).
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  • kick chewie and replace with some attacker(kylo/Vader would be great)
  • Yeah I would ditch Chewie. You need damage not meat shields and Kylo would be awesome I can't wait to get him starred up but I promised my dying grandmother that I would 7* JC first. (Only have like 40 to go lol)
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    Atm i jave 24 shards of Kylo ren, and also 45/50 of CT fives.
    So, i would an efficent team, focused in Pvp.
    What you recommended? I would you opinion for a very good team. (I'm noob, thats why :D )
  • Rate your team? Well It seems to be around 15000.

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  • At moment is 16639
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