Too many characters...losing focus

Early on, it was easy and didn't have a lot of deciding who to focus on was fairly simple. Not sure it was luck or a curse, but got 4 new characters in the last 2 days...and now I am unsure which core 5 I should focus on. Here is what I have and their corresponding stars: sidious-5, Luminara-4, Talia-4, Jedi-4, Tarkin-4, Bobba-4, Plo koon-3, dooku-3. I have others characters as well....but these are the ones I am struggling with.


  • Which 4 can u farm the fastest. Arena ,GW , & cantina shipment. An cantina battles....and how well do they work with eachother

    Sid, luminara, boba, dukoo,& jc/talia
    Are a common cookie cutter cause there very farmable (outside of dooku), and u can win with them. ... that would be the team I work on...jc is very good maxed...and have heard nothing but good thinks for a maxed out talia..

  • Plo and Tarkin are hard to get. Focus on Lumi and Sid. As for JC and Talia - both strong toons but JC outclassed Talia by all means. My JC is 4* as is Talia - 7lvl gear - JC is pretty dem stronger then Talia. That doesn't mean that you should left Talia behind. She is pretty precious character to have. It is good to have boba but i am keen on Daka. She provides ... A LOT. IMO Lumi is stronger than Sid or at least equal to him. You can get them faster than anything else. I recommend Sid Lumi and JC to be maxed as fast as you can and then you can focus on something else.
  • i agree with vanio, keep working on sid and lumina with ur arena and gw shards. then farm JC bit don't farm JC on cantilina. on catalina I would farm Luke and geno soldier. u need high damage toons.

    I'm 100% f2p and finish gw about 80% of the time. I also end up between rank 80-110 in PvP.

    I use sid, lumina, geno soldier, Luke, JC, primarily. there's tons of good toons but focus first on the onesu can farm and make strong.
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