Feels like Ventress gets nerfed a little with each update...

I don't see why they want to ruin her, she's not that popular, FAR from overpowered, but they keep making her worse with each update....

1. When they took away her group heal, that was a huge loss....
2. They changed advantage to 'x2 crit' (which is actually +25% crit in the description). So instead of 100% crit she gets +25% crit...
3. They claim "slower characters will deal more damage" but I swear she deals a lot less damage than she used to, even compared to other members of my team...

Why do they hate Ventress so much!?

Why continually hurt a toon that NOBODY complains about?

I'm not happy with this.... -_-


  • She seemed to make out well this update. NS teams look bad though with thr big nerf to Acolyte (why???) and Initiate (understandable).
  • I was looking forward to ventress this update. She seemed to make out well in this update?? U must not have her. She has less health and protection than dooku. They've **** her up worse. I have her gear 9 lvl 75. She sucks still.
  • Dunno. I don't use her but im wary of her AI. She seemed a little tougher last encounter, was getting 2x and offense up or whatever after every attack and cashing them out for health often.
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    Can't tell if she got nerfed again or if it's just a side effect of this terrible update because it seems like everyone sucks now.
  • She was my first 7*. She languishes in the shadows now :'(
  • i also have her 7*. When i read slower characters were gonna do more damage i was stoked because idon't think there is a character slower than she. BUT now she hits for 66% of what she used to and has almost nonexistent protection. she was always in my group even as slow as she was but now she's out. absurd
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