GW Curve

At 53, GW just went from challenging to impossible for me. I'm so far out ranked no amount of retreating and subbing is going to help. Especially since my tough games begin about five out from the finish now and not the usual three.



  • You're lagging behind the leading edge of the launch population. most active players are in 57-58 range (low and non-spenders)... so , imo, you're getting a lot of these guys as opponents now...
  • I think your level is the hardest struggle un GW. You will get epic gear level 60, and there's so little tiu can do. But ine you get to 58 and up, there will never be an enemy beyond level 60. So abeit them being all max 7* enemies, it becomes mire doable. Just try to do your best, and level as fast as you can if GW is a prinary siurce of chars for you.
  • Appreciate the feedback!
  • Best thing to do is start creating a B and C team. Diversity is the key to completing GW. Unfortunately it might take time but go in each day and look to improve one single character whether it be upgrading a talent or adding new equipment or leveling him/her up even if it's for one level. Eventually you will start to see improvement in climbing up that ladder. Good luck and may the force be with you!
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    yeah low 50's were a pain. i remember not being able to complete gw a couple times.
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  • Is GW based only on level? Arena rank doesn't matter? If so, thanks.
  • It's the inequity of it that kills me. The teams are many levels higher and often nothing but epics. I don't have a single epic character. It shouldn't be a guaranteed full run every time, nor should it be a guaranteed stop 3-5 matches out every time, which is what's happening. I have a pretty full roster too. But one of them gets wiped by the mid point challenge team, leaving me with one team for the rest of it, and a smattering of one off characters. It's just not fine tuned yet imo.
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    What I do is put a filler team in. Their purpose is to die, but not before the enemy uses its skills. Then I put my A team and who only have to face the other teams basic attacks.
  • Im usually top 3 on my server, often finishing 1st. I have a lot of heroes, and at least 3 full teams of level 60s. I usually clear GW, but occasionally I dont. Yesterday i bottomed out on the 3rd to last node, unable to field a team that could take out a sid backed by a healer. I lost key healers and damage dealers by node 6.

    Sometimes gw is really easy, and i never use a retreat or lose a hero and i complete it. Sometimes its difficult and i lose a few heroes and make a few retreats before i complete it. Most times its hard and i retreat multiple times (maybe 3 times in one fight), i lose most of my best heroes, and i use fodder teams and fillers. Rarely, but it does happen, where it is impossible.
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    With that many level 60s, Pilot, you really should never lose. I win every time and usually only use 6 characters. But I have Barriss, you may not, and she makes a huge difference in this mode.
    I need to write up a GW guide sometime.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • I have lost twice. Once around lvl 55, and then yesterday. The point is, GW can be difficult occasionally. One day you're going to respond to this thread with "yeah it happens" too :wink: .
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  • I havent won GW up until lvl 52, now I cleared it 4 times in a row. Love you Old Daka And her key revives in the last battles
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