Running out on Training Droids Quick?!!

is it just me that I never have enough training droids?


  • Once you hit cap, you may end like me having more than 3k droids waiting for my currently focused chars to 7*.
  • Depending on how far you made it through the game, you will either lack credits, training droids, or energy. In many cases you will lack at least two out of these three.
  • I see credits I'm fine with just when it comes to training droids and energy I lack.
  • Once you try to increase the stars, you might get into trouble with credits as well.

    Getting your characters from 3 stars to 4 stars will set you back 100K credits.

    This increases, and from 6 stars to 7 stars you will need a million credits.
  • Dang that big huh I just got five stars right now
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