All Jedi Team

Anyone have thoughts on using an All jedi team for pvp/pve ?

I usually go with:

Mace Windu (L)
Jedi Guardian (Off Tank)
Luminara ( Dps /Support) Qui Gon Jin (Alt)
Eeth Koth ( Dps / Droid Specialty)
Jedi Consular ( Heals)
And I usually pick up Barris Ofee for extra heals or Ima Gun Di for counters when I can

I've gotten through more than Half of the light side battles and rank 200 with this lineup.

Findin that at lev 53 , pve is still good but pvp is not working so well anymore.


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    Boot guardian for qui gon
  • Telaan
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    Jedi in PvE is fine. Anymore than one, MAYBE two, Jedi in arena is gimping yourself. The only time I use Mace or JG is in the tank challenge. Otherwise they both pretty much suck and are wasting space that could be better utilized.

    That being said if these are the only or best choices of your available toons, than that's a different story.
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    Balance your team. It appears that you don't have enough dmg. There are jedi better than guardian. Get Ahsoka for instance. You got tanks, the guardian is not needed imo. If you want a jedi team get Anakin - he is a bit slow and not reliable at the begining, but once you geared him up he is awesome. He deals dmg and he is pretty tanky as the matter of fact. Highly recommend Ahsoka for jedi team. **** rid of eath and guardian and put anakin and ahsoka/ben kenobi. I know they are hard to get , but once you get them you will be happy
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    problem with a jedi team is that the best jedis are hard to get/farm. aayla, obi wan, fisto
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    This is helpful. Thanks all
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