pvp and galactic war help

hey ive been having trouble deciding on a character layout for pvp and galactic wars and im not the best at setting up a layout for these kinds of games but im sure theres plenty of people here who are good if you would like to help heres the characters i have with their lvl and gear lvl:
captain phasma lvl:49. gear lvl:V.****
asajj ventress lvl:48. gear lvl:IV****
barriss offee lvl:48. gear lvl:VI****
talia lvl:48. gear lvl:IV***
first order storm trooper lvl:48. gear lvl:IV**
Kylo ren lvl:47. gear lvl:V****
first order tie pilot lvl:47 gear lvl:V**
chewbacca lvl:46 gear lvl:IV****
ahsoka tano lvl:46 gear lvl: IV***
count dooku lvl:46 gear lvl:V***
jedi consular lvl:46 gear lvl:IV***
nightsister initiate lvl:45 gear lvl:IV***
Savage opress lvl:44 gear lvl:III***
jawa lvl:42 gear lvl:IV***
ewok scout lvl:42 gear lvl:IV**
IG-86 sentinel droid lvl:42 gear lvl:III**
jedi knight guardian lvl:42 gear lvl:IV**
Finn lvl:41 gear lvl:III****
poe dameron lvl:41 gear lvl:IV****
resistance trooper lvl:40 gear lvl:IV**
geonosian soldier lvl:40 gear lvl:IV*
luke skywalker lvl:39 gear lvl:III***
snowtrooper lvl:39 gear lvl:III*
coruscant underworld police lvl:38 gear lvl:III***
clone sergeant lvl:38 gear lvl:IV
ig-100 magnaguard lvl:37 gear lvl:I**
royal guard lvl:36 gear lvl:III**
teebo lvl:36 gear lvl:IV**

thats all i have i just need input and advice on who should be on my main pvp squad i am also close to unlocking the first order leutenant and getting phasma 5 star. if you need any more info please ask and thank you for reading through this painfully long post


  • btw my galactic war/pvp team varies between two squads leader first
    1. cpt phasma, kylo ren, first order tie pilot and first order storm trooper, and either consular or barriss i switch the two out sometimes
    2. barriss offee, ahsoka tano, asajj ventress, jedi consular, and night sister initiate
    should i just stick with one of these or does anyone have a good combination of my characters i can use?
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