Point of max gear?

I am having a very difficult time understanding how 6 star max gear toons can get wiped by 4 star blue geared opponents? Don't get me wrong I am not complaining so much as trying to make sense of how this is even possible.... I understand synergy, but honestly if my characters dodged half as much as the AI I would have no issues. My six stars couldn't dodge a planet, let alone a single strike here and there. Yet the AI without any sort of buff will dodge 5, 6 strikes in a row. Can someone make sense of this for me? Otherwise it may be time to pack it in and play elsewhere.


  • I saw that dodging thing too ...enemie was red and dodged 4 times in a row before got healed to full
    Annoying !
  • Just fought a sid that dodged 6+ times in a pvp match. Im lvl 40 and he is lvl 40 also.....sumthing is def wrong with this game right now.
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    Don't run Jedi in arena. The recent Sith buffs in conjunction with Jedi nerfs have made Jedi toons in arena a liability.

    The only Jedi I run is Lumi. It is not uncommon for Sidious to dodge 4+ Jedi attacks in a row. To put that in perspective, depending on the toon and ability being used is easily enough to down him and then some. That coupled with the damage bonuses by Sith against Jedi in combination with more anti-Jedi hard counters than any other, there's just no reason to run Jedi. You're risking doing decreased damage as a result of misses and increased damage received due to DPS increases/anti-Jedi bonuses.
  • If the problem is Sidious, bring Sid "friends", like a lot of Nightsisters, Dooku, Talia. In Arena I have a mix of Dark Side and Luminara. Maybe my Dark Side stronger to advance Dark Side mussions had some pay off. It also eorks against Jedi's. aI seems smarter now, and Jedi teams aim for my Talia or Daka first. Smart. But humans outsmart AI and you have an edge. There are a small little details that can do a difference. I tend to wife Sidius first, but for example, I don't waste Lumi's special. Given Sid stats he can ward of harmful effects, and most often resists Lumi's soecial. But usually takes Lumi's regular. With Sid, sometimes I use the Ability block right there first, not the AoE (depends). Talia special doesn't miss much and I use on Sid. And Dooku or Old lady will stun the next worst character when not aiming for a Sid stun as well - which usually makes sense. I thinknthenorder and exactly what you fire is important. Also, sometimes I run Lumi's heal BEFORE the real threats or Ability blocks. Wastes maybe 30% of the heal, but the remaining 40% is impossible to block, and on turns). Thus means firing Heal with a team 70% full, on first turn. I have teo other backup healers, but Lumi can ensure any character will last until round 5. At that point, I have a clear advantage.

    This are the kind of reasons other lower levels can still get you. In my case I am 1500 lower energy than top players. And sometimes I finish 5-0. Ultimately it's harder as top arena now has all 5 chars with 7* and fully matted to ability level 6 for each and every guy there.
  • Valiumz, who are you using?
  • Thats the sad part. 6 star sid max gear, 6 star lumi max gear, talia 5 star close to max gear lol. Funny thing is my 4 star max gear JC lasts longer than any of the above formentioned. So its not just me then. I love the premises of this game. But I am sick and tired of complete and utter dysfunctionality of it all. Was fun while it lasted.....
  • If you have JC max gear you have him at level VIII (8) gear, and all the rest are level VII max, and Lumi for example has two unfit slots, while JC has only one unfit slot.

    What are the levels if each char? A lot of what happens in battle is determined by your abilities. Eg. Talia regular attack at 6 abikity can replenish 1000 hp per attack passively. Lumi at max Heal level 6 can double her heal power by extending Health to the third turn. Also, how are you using rhe heals and in which order? Healer warfare is very much a play style and since each heal is very different, and each enemy, that plays a huge impact.

    Eg. If I play vs droids I do something completely different vs a full Jedi team or vs a Maul, Darth, Sid team. Even oresence of taunter changes how I heal and when and to what purpose.

    I guess I may eant to write a Heal Strategy thread, so that other can improve for thise that "just heal when needed" or eorst, "when scared".
  • 57 jc, 59 sid, 59 Lumi.
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