Warning about Phasma - unfavorable gear and ability progression due to hard cap

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So I got my Phasma to gear level VII, but now I am pretty much stuck with her. Most characters cannot reach VIII because they need items over 60, but she is the worst I have encountered so far, with 3 different items all over the 60 cap. Worse, 1 of the other 3 provides only a single small boost to tenacity, basically a waste of a slot.
Her leadership ability is also worse than normal. Most characters' abilities can be upgraded to level 6, but she is stuck at level 5 on her leadership ability, which is arguably her best asset. When you see that 20% chance at SWGOHCantina.com, bear in mind that she's actually capped at 16% right now.
I'm not sure how they decide what to give to which characters, but keep this in mind if you are planning on using Phasma.
Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.


  • They have to balance her somewhere or everyone would use her as their leader. She is quite an awesome toon as is.
  • Well im lvl 44 and about 1/4 of arena teams at my level have her as a leader. So I guess she is very good at early/midgame levels and falls off late game.
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