My experience with today's challenge modes - some tips maybe

So I've just management to defeat today's challenge modes, on their top tier level, after a bit of playing around. Just thought I'd outline my process, so that it might help some others.

These were my teams:
Bounty Hunter (tier 5)
- lvl 72 7* Lumi g8 - lead
- lvl 72 7* IG86 g8
- lvl 72 6* QGJ g8
- lvl 63 5* EK g8
- lvl 69 3* RG g8
- ally - mostly lvl 74ish 7* Phasma's

AGI challenge (tier 4)
- lvl 72 6* QGJ g8 - lead
- lvl 63 4* Barriss g8
- lvl 71 7* JC g8
- lvl 52 5* Phasma g7
- lvl 63 5* EK g8

Really it just came down to stuns from RG and EK. For the Bounty Hunter challenge, I ignored the droids as normal and just focused Bane. With a few stuns, this was no problem. For the AGI challenge, it was tricky, but I could just about manage to take out the first droid before SO did his AOE (occasionally EK's stun on SO would land too, which made things a lot easier!). I could then throw up Phasma's Victory March to give me bonus TM, and get in enough heals with JC and Barriss, so that I could survive the second droid's pot shot, and then down it. And then it was just straight forward to focus SO.

So the key I found with the AGI challenge was to obviously try to stun SO with EK and then leverage Phasma's Victory March to build TM so I could heal sooner.

Hope this helps some people! :)


  • I found that I could still (mostly) auto these 2 challenges (unlike the Tier IV Tarkin/Veers challenge that wasn't able to be completed.

    My lineups if it helps others (all level 73 6-7*):

    Bounty Hunter (V): QGJ (L), RP, Yoda, Lumi, Ahsoka, borrowed Phasma. The AI tends to target the droids first in the battle with CAD Bane. If you just manually re-target Bane, it goes off smooth.

    AGI (IV): Ventris(L), Daka, Talia, Dooku, JC. Hit auto button and 15 min later, you will have won.

  • For me they havent been harder so far. Agi4 with auto as always phasma(L),daka,ventress,ek and jc. Have run it for months and 3 stunners do the job greatly!
    Cad hits for about 12-15k so bring toons with more hp and its easy again bc he only gets that 1 turn at most( if he kills its 100%tm so low hp toons will be pwned)
    So as always challenges have a way to beat them easily--> agi=stun\debuff Tank=off down and 2 taunts(rg stun is bonus) attack= 1droid down then 1veers/tarkin etc.
    Ppl just have to experiment a little and imo challenges are the best way to do that bc if u lose u can try again,but if u want auto only fewer choises are possible( i mostly auto maybe set target if i want it go quicker)
    Hope this helps! ;)
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