Level 4-L

How can i Beat this Level ?


  • By leveling up your LS team to at least 42 and waiting for a powerful Barriss or Luminara ally. No I'm not exaggerating. A full round of nades from those troopers deletes any "attacker" and then you get five more in round two.
  • I already have a lvl 42 Team but the lvl is still too hard
  • Use search and find other 4L threads. Plenty of advice in those.
    "That is why you fail."
  • Put ima-gun-di as your leader... I roasted each trooper with 2-3 Jedi's counter attacking each time. I also had a Barris team helper.. 3 starred.
  • 4-L is a check point. You will need player level 43 to move on to 5, if I remember correctly.

    But that is only about the player level, and doesn't really mean that you have a strong enough squad. That is why 4-L is a check point, it puts your squad to the test.

    This gives you some time to gear up your squad, and also push your abilities up. In particular anything that helps defending. Both your abilities as well as your gear should be in excellent shape before you move on.

    Get some allies, using the allies thread here https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/1494/post-your-ally-codes-here

    Learn the strength and weaknesses of each character you can borrow from them. This will help you with your further choices which characters to build further, and which additional characters you should get.

    Play around with different tactics in the first wave. Understanding how to get key members of your squad to the next wave alive will be a great insight once you move on to Galactic War.
  • Just borrow an old ben as ally.
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