My GoH Christmas! Tell me about yours! :)

Thanks for the awesome Christmas presents! I got:

1) Finally reached level cap.
2) Finished the Galaxy war for the first time.
3) Best of all reached rank 1 on my server!!!

How's your Christmas been so far?

Merry Christmas,



  • Rolf
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    Got my Sid to 6* and Daka to purple gear today!

    Not even Christmas here yet! :)
    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
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    In the last day I got Kylo Ren and FO Officer, pretty pleased!
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    Got Grand Moff and Aayla from packs today plus some shards that opened new characters.
  • Blam
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    On the good, should have my Sid at 7* by the end of the day
    On the bad, it didn't give me my tie pilot shards, it didn't give me any of my mk3 mats I earned today, and who knows how many other things I thought was getting all along but I don't check after every every battle like I guess I need too
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    About to get Phasma to epic gear, but RNG treating me badly today so still 15/20 on the last part to craft the last piece of gear. I'll get there tomorrow!!
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    I got Darth Vader today. Will have Ventress and Phasma at 5* tomorrow, and Vader in epic gear. Quite pleased.
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    I got 3 separate chars to purple today, the drops were insane. :)
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    I got the final shards need for savage from battle shipment, pulled ventress from free pack and pulled darth maul. Its a darthromirian Christmas. (i prolly didnt say that right)
  • Varlie
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    I got shards to get Leia to 3 stars and finally got Sid. Now I just need some more training drones.
    Merry Christmas
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    Would the data cards have better luck today because it's Christmas? I have enough for a 4-pack today but wondering if I should save for 8.
  • Benr3600
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    edited December 2015
    I started today 6/6 dooku shards...and then 0/12 on Lumi and 0/18 on JC shards. Trolled hardcore by EA for the posts I made mocking the Barriss money grab/nerf I suppose.
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    Got Ima 4* in a Bronz last night and got 4* Tarkin
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    Havent opened any packs yet. Been thinking of buying the the force awakens and some 8packs's but are holding off atm.

    on collecting of shards my luck have evaded me. on hard mission i have 2 shards out of 10 mission past few days :( so my shards collecting goes slow... hopefully my luck will turn soon :) and still have 4 days left on the force bundle to decide, should or should not?
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