Bounty Hunter Challenge (Tier V - Post Patch)

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I don't have good offense down characters so I use stuns to get through first few rounds and then I zerg the boss

Team Comp
  • Sideous (7 star + level 73 + 4/6 Gear VIII) Leader
  • Luminara (7 star + level 73 + 5/6 Gear VIII)
  • Genosian Soldier (7 star + Level 73 + 5/6 Gear VIII)
  • Royal Guard (5 star + Level 73 + 3/6 Gear VIII)
  • Old Daka (5 star + Level 71 + 5/6 Gear VIII)
  • Borrow a Captain Phasma for Defense Down and Assist

General Tips
1. Use Royal Guard and Old Daka to try and stun lock "unstunned" enemy with highest energy bar
2. Make sure Captain Phasma Victory March is available in Round 3

Round 1
1. Use Sideous AOE to knock down the Protection
2. Use Royal Guard, "Imperial Phalanx" (Armor Up) ability early in a round when there are a lot of enemies up

Round 2
1. Save Royal Guard Protection for Round 3
2. In Round 2, start to save big hitting abilities for Round 3

Round 3 - Single target Cad Bane
1. Use Captain Phasma "Victory March" ability to buff team with Advantage right away
2. Use Royal Guard, "Imperial Phalanx" ability to buff team with Defense Up right away (for counterattacks)
3. Use Captain Phasma "Fusillade" next turn to try and apply a slow

Win - This general strategy has worked flawlessly for me 3 times in a row
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