Finally finished GW today!

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I FINISHED!! Gah that was rough. Happily I still have a lot of roster left but one node (10) needed two suicide squads and the second squad was pretty tough - almost full NS team - Ventress (L), Daka , Intiate, Talia and a weak RG. I needed all that just to take down Rey plus put some damage on the others. They were all fairly week except Daka but Ventress was gear 7.

From 7 until 10 I needed a suicide squad. On 11 and 12 I treated them like Arena matches and kept adding in different lineups. In the end I only lost a couple key toons.

I did find one nice setup that did much better than expected on those last two I may try in Arena. Phasma (L), Sid, GS, Poggle, Han. I used Poe in place of Han but I can never get him to expose anybody even at gear 7 and abilities at 6. Han was only 4* gear 7 but he still added enough protection and TM gains along with Phasma for me to win only losing Han. Poggle's Offense up and Ability block worked very well. Offense Up and Phasma giving Advantage for crit shots meant Sid's AOE and GS were hitting hard.

If I stick with the update I plan on going after Han more, he is halfway to 5*. I may try Savage in there somewhere as well, he did very well for the whole GW slog fest and is 6* maxed out gears.

Happy I finished but it took well over 1-1/2 hours total. Way too long.

Oh, since somebody will ask - my main lineup was the same as always - Barriss (L), Lumi, JC and add two depending the opponents. Mainly GS plus somebody like Savage, Sid or Dooku.

I'm level 72, all my A-B- most of C roster are 6* and Gear 7 or higher.

After Node 2/3 all Protection was gone from my main squad and add ins. It was just a slogging along fest after that.


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