Why is leader ability description different?

Why would leader ability description be different in PVP verses characters details? Shouldn't it be the same description?


  • Yuri
    173 posts Member
    Care to explain?
  • For example, I used Chewie as leader in PVP and in the rank menu his description said he gave 30% defense but, in the character list it said 20% defense.

  • Varlie
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    Was this your Chewie or an ally's? If it was an ally's he may have just trained up his leader skill. If it's yours, I have no idea.
  • There's some sort of a bug with leader abilities. I don't know if it just a display bug or what. But it's there. My Vader leader skill sometimes shows a +22.5 offense to empire allies but I have never put any points into it - I think at level one skill it is +10%.
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