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What's the point of having challenges at incremental levels when you make the currently available challenges near impossible? This is where grinding/farming comes in. Now we can't even do that without it taking forever or requiring numerous attempts. What is the point of strategically composing a team based on their abilities if you nerf everyone in the challenges? I've noticed the nerf-ication spills out into the arena and GW as well. Plus, these HP pips are worse than the old ones. I feel like I do far less damage than I did before, but I can't tell. I was looking forward to this update, but now I feel like the boy who got socks for Christmas.
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  • I'd specifically point out that th AGI challenge remains poorly balanced. Previously couldn't auto, but could win consistently if I played it out. Now I waste a lot of time playing it out and losing more often than not. Slow down the boss, and weaken the droids. Problem solved.
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    Get better. Easier solution.
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  • No offence but telling someone to get better when the game is broken and the devs have no clue what they are actually do is a bit redundant. You raise characters they get downgraded by the devs and they make parts that are so completely over powered its not funny. Any time the computrer controlled character can one shot you regardless of how much health or protection you have is complete garbage. It means that no matter how high you level or gear your entire team just get rolled by one shot after one shot. I'm not sure how that is seen as good gameplay or good coding.

    If you want flipant remarks then to actually enjoy the changes you must be cheating and using one shot hacks etc. because the game now is rubbish.
  • In regards to the AGI challenge I have noticed no difference (my team consists of Dooku (Leader), QGJ, Eeth Koth, Jedi Consular and Talia). Its all about instilling debuffs. If you can inflict offence down (either Dooku or EK can do this) and DOT then it should be easy. Get Dooku if you can because his 100% counter chance comes in handy. Savage loses health whenever he does his big attack, wait till he has no health and Dooku will counter him, thus killing him. Just hold on to the last attack.
  • The challenges are not difficult, you just need certain characters and they don't even need to be very high star level.

    If you are have trouble with the agi challenge try Killing the droids right away instead of waiting till you need a heal. Run two healers, one of which should be daka. You can always get a heal off after his aoe slam if you have them off cool down.

    Teebo + royal guard owns mace.

    Attacker is a joke, if you can't beat it you should probably stop trying to lose.

    Honesty I was beating them at 72 with mostly mid 50s characters and a 70 or two.
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    Stop using suicide teams in challenges
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    You need stunners, not much else i can give. Sorry Well that is for support and healers.
    Others are actually not bad, I can do them Auto still unless I want to control what there doing. but to get just 2 for the daily I do those on auto while i get ready for work.
  • For me it's the Challenge with Mace Windu at the end...he just one shots every member of my team at one point. My 7* level 9 Sidious? Psh...Mace will one shot him like it's nothing! And that's only one example.

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