Sidious or Not?

I have been having attacks of contrarianism ever since I started on unlocking Sidious. He is so abundant in Arena that I'm not sure whether it might be better to go my own way and focus on someone else.

My team at the moment is

Ahsoka 6* (Lead)
Ventress 7*
Luminara 7*
Kylo 5*
Daka 5*

Kylo and Daka are both close to 6*. I figured initially replacing Ahsoka with Sidious would make a pretty potent team.

But he is overused at the moment and I'm sensing he might be nerfed at some stage, or they will release a hard counter Sith killer like Yoda.

Out of the other available unlocks from Arena, I'm really keen on the droids. It sucks they share tokens though. But that means a lot of other people would be turned away as well. It would be a long farm but maybe worth in the end. I already have 4* HK-47, 4* IG-86 and 3* IG-88. I'm also farming Lobot but he's a really slow farm.

The other option is Ackbar, who counters Sid quite well, and synergises well in a Phasma team.

Should I persist with Sidious (35/80 shards to unlock)? Or try something else?


  • Right now, I don't see one clear cut best character in this game. I see 5 to 6 that are a little better than the rest though. Sid is one of them. He has speed, a dot, heal debuff, and the AI doesn't focus fire so his self heal helps quite a bit too.

    With that said, it's not like offense in this game is real hard so you can pretty much pick anyone and win.

    How do you like Asajj?
  • She is solid.

    2 things need to be fixed for me to regard her as "A League". She doesn't get Rampage when she kills something herself, and her Strike Fear doesn't remove defence buffs and doesn't work half the time. But her basic is strong and her AOE is great if you kill something every time you use it.

    Yeah I know all the arguments for Sidious. I just think when 90% of the playerbase has him in their Arena team, they are going to do something to reduce his appeal. And I think a droid team would be very powerful, plus there is a heap of droids yet to be added into the game, so there is future potential.

    In a couple of weeks everyone will be level 60 with a level 7 Sidious and Luminara. I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve.
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    Well they made sids kit so useful. Healers are are super popular and easy to get and sids basic attack is the best counter to this. His aoe is now quite strong, and anyone running a non Droid critical team will love his leader ability. Sure his hp is super low, but he's fast, hits hard (chance to ignore defense) and I gain over 1k hp on kill.
  • I personally don't use him because he is 90% of my ally list lol. So it gives me plenty options for other characters instead.
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    Darkness wrote: »
    I personally don't use him because he is 90% of my ally list lol. So it gives me plenty options for other characters instead.

    Pve I've been using phasma as leader over sid.
  • The game will certainly evolve. I've heard that during the soft launch, Sidious was also a very strong hero who many used in competitive PvP. Then he got downgraded before the international launch.

    I am also using Sidious and think he is extremely useful. I could see only a few heroes who can "contain" him and those are Dooku (perhaps stun Sidious first) and Barriss (who can survive and help heal teammates despite the Heal Immunity curse).

    Options instead of getting Sidious shards in Arena include:

    HK 47 and IG-88. Droids. Add Poggle and you've got enough firepower against Jedi. It'll take a lot of investment in time, but if you've got some of those heroes from the Droid Pack, you should have a nice start.

    Admiral Ackbar. I'm not sure how good he is, as I do not have him. But he can dispel negative debuffs from allies. That itself can be huge when facing Vader and Sidious and Ben. He can also grant allies extra turns which is quite helpful especially with Jedi who can also generate extra hits. Heroes who counter can also help alot in this squad.

    Another plus for Sidious is that he can work with many kinds of squads. Droids, First Order, even Jedi. He's very well-rounded. So I wouldn't worry about the future, but concentrate on the present. If you like Sidious enough to farm him, you should. if not, pick a hero you enjoy from the movies and get that hero.

  • A few weeks ago no ones talked about Sid...once someone mention him and suddenly BOOM all of "PRO" were trying to get him...For me, It was my first hero that I got from Arena shipment and did not really know how good he was, the reason why I was getting him only because one person wrote me he would be good in any teams and I had half of his shards already from chronium free packs.

    and Now it is Old Daka (my free hero from bronze pack)...I see a lot of my arena competitors are using her guys.....

    I can guess the next hero you all will be chasing like mad but let keep it secret until 1-2 more weeks....

    and devs will definitely nerf all those heroes along with kylo, leila (since the % IS not really right, 25% and 10%? lol....everytime I fight her its like 60% and 40% chances for 2nd and 3rd) ...
  • Thisgameisdope, Leia has 40% 10% att level 3. I don't know what it is at 7 but probably pretty **** high? You do know you can improve abilities right?
  • Sid is great and does work well with almost any team and really shines with crit based synergies.

    I'm still not farming a Daka for a while as I just never struggle against her and she's only help my PVE out and i just borrow one as needed.

    And leia does get her attacks a lot, but again it's not that troublesome and she can die fairly easily if focused and there isn't a taunt ready.

    I'm sure just about all of the FOTM heroes will be adjusted and open new paths to other heroes. It's a public game so it'll change a lot.
  • A few weeks ago no ones talked about Sid...once someone mention him and suddenly BOOM all of "PRO" were trying to get him...

    and Now it is Old Daka .....

    and devs will definitely nerf all those heroes along with kylo, leila

    The only one that really warps the (high-end) meta is Leia and only very few big-spenders will be able to get her promoted to 7*, so she only is an issue if you are competing for top ranks. I think everybody agrees that some of the coding is messed up, because she attacks multiple times far more often than her stats suggest.

    The others you mentioned can be easily dealt with, just focus down Sid and Daka first, yes they are powerful, but no they are not too powerful.

    Sid is needed to counter all those healers, but he has been more frequently used only since Barrissgate, as many find her too be too weak to have on the squad now, and she was such an elegant counter to Sid's anti-heal debuff. Also the fact that he can be farmed easily makes it seem like everybody favors him, but once more heroes reach lvl 60 and make it to 6*/7*, his popularity will most likely decrease again.

    Easy solution on the developer's side to decrease his popularity (if they actually felt the need to do so, which I personally doubt, as he presents no real problem) would be to simply introduce new (playable) toons with anti-heal debuff (or some funky stuff like random health redistribution or whatever).

    Kylo is really nothing to worry about, to me it seems the developers were being extra careful not to release another supposedly OP toon after the whole trouble they went through with you-know-who.
    Instead they picked the fancy new prime evil guy from the new movie, tossed a 100$ price tag on him (and a few other new ones) and made the wording of his skills sound OP.

    So far his best application was to beat all the AOE heavy droid teams you will face in the higher missions, so generally he and Dooku are important counters for AOE heavy metas, but they by no means cause serious trouble in PvP as far as I know.

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