Purchase Issues, when your phone has multiple accounts.

Hello, i wanted to post this issue so nobody runs into the same problem as me.

I received a google play gift from a friend who got me into this game. I applied this gift card to my Google Play Credit.

When i went to purchase crystals and selected google play as payment, it only gave me an option to redeem a gift card code. I then contacted Google Play, they directed me to a game specialist. While on hold I opened the game back up and took screen shots just in case I need to specifically show them the issue. While snapping a screen shot, I noticed the google play redeem code part was showing my 2nd email account on my phone.

I told tech support that I think I figured out the problem, and she replied that this happens often when you have multiple accounts on your phone.. She had me delete my 2nd account from my phone. (Funny thing was she seen i was trying to make a purchase a star wars game, and got super excited asking me if i seen the new movie, which i have. She continued on and on about the movie, like she had been waiting all week to talk to someone about it!)

Opening SWGoH back up the game prompted me to sign into my google account, I selected my account. Heading to the purchase 2800 crystals, selected Google Play. This time it showed the correct and only account now on my phone, and let me purchase through my Google Play Credits.

Finally I can try my luck with card packs.... But wait why does my character level say player level 2? I'm level 39.

The game somehow purchased the crystals to a guest account, that was created cause a few days ago I accidental clicked outside the sign in box, to avoid the screen from locking. And you CAN NOT just click the gear icon to log into your account right away. Your force to do the tutorials, that eventually end you up at level 2 with a Screen Name.

So long story short, be VERY CAREFUL when purchasing if you have multiple google accounts on your phone.

I now have to wait for the holiday to be over, to hopefully get this fixed.
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