Community Update - 4/15/2016

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Greetings Heroes,

Updates that happened this week:

What we’re working on now
  • We pushed out an update tonight that adjusted the difficulty of challenges, making them more in line with the difficulty they were prior to the update.
  • Because there were so many players who were unable to complete the Strength and Agility Challenges yesterday and today, we sent out max rewards for all tiers to each player.
  • We increase the speed of combat animations for both manual and auto throughout the game to be the same as Galactic War. The combat animation speeds in Galactic War are currently the fastest we have in the game. This should assist with Arena battles that were going past the 5 minute timer, and also make the game feel faster overall.
  • While we will not be making any changes tonight to Galactic War, we have heard your feedback and will be discussing possible adjustments that we can make in order to make the experience more enjoyable for players. More information on this next week.
  • Full update notes will be posted as soon as they go live this evening.
  • TL;DR
    • Challenges adjusted to be easier
    • All Strength Challenge Rewards from yesterday sent to all players
    • Arena battle speed is increased to match the speed in Galactic War
    • Galactic War balancing being discussed by dev team

We are also putting the finishing touches on our Guilds and Raids update coming later this month. More details will be shared about Raids next week!
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