New Galactic War Strategy -- back to no losses and few retreats

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So after two days of struggling trying new combos and ideas today GW was a breeze and teams were relatively similar. Here is my new strategy which should be able to be used by most people.

So the old secret to GW was kill them before they move. This became much harder with proc. but the same strategy is used.

I use QG(L), GS, Lumi, Phasma then either RG or DPS. All characters need to be faster than Phasma. First round you burn someone down with turn meter manipulator a Han and Phasma being primary targets. You don't heal this round. If you can't make it through round 1 without healing put the tank in in the last position.

Then use Phasmas victory march. Your charactors all get to go again. Heal with Lumi this time. Then get down to the two weakest enemies and slowly kill them. The battle needs to at least 6 turns to reload Phasmas victory March.

I used 6 guys with RG and Rey rotating in and out depending on team. No A/B losses. About 30 min. One suicide squad against a close team, and one suicide squad against a Phasma / Han team.


  • Hendiju
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    What's your arena power at?
    ☮ Consular ☮
  • Pretty good strategy but many others would differ
  • Greg1920
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    32039 is my current arena power. Finish top 5 at payout

    I'm not saying this is the best strategy just another one to try if you are struggling.

    I also now disagree with my previous strategy of start the B team. It also uses commonly held players
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