Squad Arena team ideas

The characters I have available are as follows: Barriss 4*, Lumi 3*, Sid 4*, IG88 3*, JC 4*, Chewy 4*, TIE 2*, Cad Bane 3*, Eeth Koth 3* and Talia 4*.
Please feel free to ask any questions about their levels and gear. Thanks.


  • Of those I would go Sid, Lumi, JC, IG and tie.

    I'd make sure they are geared at least until 6 and leveled appropriately.

    Consider that Sid, eeth and IG will compete for shards and the tie isn't farmable until later levels. Cad isn't farmable at all
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    Of those I would go with Sid, Lumi, JC, IG and Bane.

    I may use Barris instead of JC to get around healing immunity. When I do Arena now I usually have to kill Sidious first so I can actually heal but that is a large problem if they have Lando or DM because you have to kill those first. I don't have Barriss and I know she fights with a flashlight instead of a lightsaber so...yeah

    Their level and gear level doesn't matter...max out what ever you end up choosing. If what you pick as a result of this thread isn't at a level they are competitive use a replacement until then.

    I second gear level 6, 7 is a pain and unless you are a spender you will need to phase out Tie or Bane.

    Edit: Didn't realize the Tie Pilot is farmable.. apparently I missed that update.
    I would probably still use Bane for a while because by the time you get the Tie Pilot to even 5* you should have a dozen 7* or more to chose from. I got cad off my single 8 pull and still use him getting under 50 on my server for a week now. Granted he is my weakest link and I really hope to replace him with Kylo soon (2-3 days) but his stun is very useful.
  • I have a 3* cad from a pull with gear 4 but I never really use him. He is anti-Jedi and a lot less Jedi teams are in the top ranks so he loses some of his appeal.

    That's a pretty limited roster due to sharing arena tokens. It would be better to pick a shipment hero from all 3 shipments, and then a cantina battle hero and finally one with several hard mode locations. This way all of your team is starring together. And shouldn't take more than a month or so to have a full 6*+ team.
  • A 4* tie fighter pilot easily hangs in an arena of all 7*s. He can go to 5/6 slots in gear VIII and can still one shot (or in his case, 1 turn, double attack) any 7* on the field. Just something to consider while ruling him out.
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  • I'd say Bariss as leader for the extra hp at lower levels to work your way up. Then Lumi, Sid, IG-88 and Talia to fill out.
  • Thanks guys
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