Waahoo got sidious

Any suggestions on what combo I should put on him group wise?


  • Yuri
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    Depends on what characters you currently have
  • Sid is great in almost any team. To get the most out of his crit buff you can pair him with any heroes that are reliant on crit. (Extra effect on crit) he also is great paired with abilities that hit harder with negative effects on the target.

    I use Sid with JC, Lumi, Dooku and Ahsoka
  • Since you just got him I will let you know a tip I enjoy, when he keeps an opponent from healing who is at low health, all the healers will still use up their healing even though it's a waste. Great advantage!
  • Rolf
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    ^all except Bariss, that is. Her health equalizer can be a problem.
    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
  • He is great. Works with almost anyone
  • Me too, had enough spare gear/energy to get him to 4.5 gear. Immediately helped me clear a DS mission I was stuck on, and in epic fashion he landed the killing stroke on Kit Fisto xD
  • IGs are amazing with Sid as they already have crit and crit dmg multipliers of their own and they all stack.
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