Speed fighter squad seen in Arena: How to counter?

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I just faced a speed fighter squad in Arena.

EDIT: The squad was 2k power below most of the others at the same rank, so I guess he did something right.

Their setup seems to be build around Poe Dameron and his Expose ability.

There was neither a tank nor healer on the team, which makes sense. If the battle is over quickly, you need neither of them.

(Technically, there was Old Daka as a healer, but she doesn't really heal actively when controlled by AI as far as I can tell).

Interesting concept, as you cannot use tanks against this setup: An all-attackers team with Expose, Stun and so on will take any tank down very quickly.

I guess a squad with three or more healers could be a good counter to that, as most attackers are not made for longer fights. And without a healer they will have a hard time when they go on cooldown. Adding to that perhaps a character that removed negative status from allies?

Any suggestions?


  • Ackbar, Ewok Elder and Lobot all have great dispels for allies. Barriss also has a chance to dispel in addition to healing through immunity.

    Luke and Kit both offer tenacity buffs which will help you resist more of the negative effects and tip the battle your way again.

    I'd use 3 heals + Luke + Ackbar/Elder. You'd have lots of heals including one that works with any healing debuffs and Lumi hits hard in addition to heals and a heal over time and JC can heal frequently. Ackbar/Elder heal on top of the dispel. Luke helps avoid them in the first place and offers some good damage to boot.

  • Thank you. Would you say Ackbar is only useful in this setting? My impression so far is that he usually picks the squad member that is least helpful in the given situation, and his orders are somehow questionable. Like picking someone who is close to death and ordering him to attack a counter attacker.
  • I'm not sure what you mean on his orders, he only buffs the turn meter and penetration of a random ally. And Ackbar would do well in many situations where debuffs hurt. He'd be a game changer against a Sid, Vader, Kylo combo and he can neutralize poe's debuff, saving a lot of damage.
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