Need a guild? Might have one for you.

We have a small core group of players and are looking to add some players to our guild.

We had one of the top legit leagues and some of the top players in madden mobile, but gave it up to come to this game.

We are all finishing very high in arena and complete GW every day (seems like everyone but me finishes first at payout, while I hover around 20.) We are happy to take players that may be at lower levels and want to learn strategies, etc. Of course if you are a top level we'd be happy to have you too!

Only real "rule" is keep chat comments PG because a few of us have kids with accounts that will be in chats so we want to keep it clean and respectful.

There is nothing complicated about us, and there will be absolutely no drama. I like to say that we're serious about doing well, but we don't take the game too seriously.

Send me a PM if interested and we will add you to a forum so you can get an idea if our group is for you.


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