Character Shard drop too low?

When it comes to get some characters only obtainable via hard mode missions or chronium packs, it can drive someone crazy. Take as an example Rey. She only has 2 missions to get shards, one is Hard 2-A and the other one is Hard 5 (can't remember the letter). If it was 100% drop rate, the limit to do it 3 times a day would not be a pain at all (as in many other games I've tried). If it's not going to be a hundred percent, let at least do unlimited Hard Mode till we get 3 shards or run out of energy. Otherwise, getting a character can take months, as paying does not ensure you'll get the character any sooner. Please, fix that. Because it's frustrating at so many levels. Changing that can make this one be the best android game in years.
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