Best team please help(newer player)

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edited December 2015
Hey guys just started playing a little over a week ago and struggling to stay in top 50 on a newer server, just wondering what you guys would use for a team comp in arenas. my characters are
Chewbacca 4*
kylo Ren 4*
Darth Maul 4*
Old Daka 4*
Captain Phasma 3*
Jedi Consular 4*
Princess Leia 3*
Cad Bane 3*
Grand Moff Tarken 4*
almost have Darth sidius from shipments only 10 away

just looking for the best overall team for offence and defense i can get and what leader i should use out of chewbacca and captain phasma, also any tips appreciated,


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