Are we all bad boys/girls?

No holiday gift today? Feels bad, man. :(


  • Benr3600
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    They are supposed to give us Rey shards if we beat the Boba Fett challenge twice per day through the end of the year I think? There is a thread in the announcement subforum. Not my cup of tea but it will certainly help those that have been farming her shards. I hear they are quite tight with the drops.

    Edit: thread is stickied in this forum
  • Yeah as the holiday 'event'. But the other games I play have both holiday events and Xmas gifts for today.

    EA is very tight it seems. :disappointed:
  • A pack discount would have been nice!!!!
  • That's what we get for complaining about everything.
  • Any pack at all would be nice. Hopefully moving forward the game will offer things like a VIP program and a better crystal subscription option, plus better seasonal events. This is a great game but it's severely lacking in some usually routine areas for a game like this.
  • I got an IG-100 Full character from a free pack today, so I guess I was a good boy.
  • Loce
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    Yeah...I'm inclined to think an x mas gift is in order.
  • People asked for a Barriss Nerf and got it. :/
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