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What should I consider when forming a team? (say for arena, galactic war or just battles).


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    Too hard to answer your genaric question. Try to be a little more specific. I hope that didnt sound rude, i just dont know how else to say it. This game is well made, without one team to beat them all. I'll add a few generic pointers:
    Arena ia all about strategy and meta. If heavy healers is the meta on your server and around your arena rank, then you switch to heal block and heavy hitters. If AoE is trending then field counter attackers with healers. Etc. Options are good but perfecting a strategy is better. In the long game, your options will continually expand as you progress.
    For GW, you need as many healers as you can get, a few heavy hitters, and lots of heroes.
    For your light and darkside battles, you really just need to level up and get stronger with whatever you have that you can make a team out of. The only real exception is that you will struggle and post many complaints on thif forum if you dont unlock daka asap for the darkside battles.
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    I can only speak for what I personally do and I am certain that there are better ways out there that I do not know of yet, but here's what I currently do.

    For arena, I am building up an assist team with Captain Phasma (lead), Geonosian Soldier, Tusken Raider, IG-86 Sentinel Droid, and CT-5555 "Fives". Since time is limited on the battles I am going for burst damage. Target healer first then focus everyone else one by one after all healers are down. The assist team gives you extra attacks once in awhile and those bonus attacks make all the difference. There are other strategies available for arena that bring healers along, but I just enjoy using the assist team.

    Galactic Wars, I use Clone Wars Chewbaka (lead), Jedi Consular, Luminara Unduli, Geonosian Soldier, and IG-86 Sentinel Droid as my 'Main Team'. If the enemy tanks taunt then I retreat to clear the taunt while leaving them with the cooldown. Other than that I follow the same attack order as arena (healers first). If my heal moves are on cooldown and someone gets dangerously low on health I will retreat and swap them out for a couple rounds. When the heal spells are available again I will retreat to swap them back in and hope that I get lucky and can heal before they are killed off. I try to keep Talia's heal available so I can swap her in with the low health characters. When I get down to the last opponent I will swap in healers and low health too. Might as well heal up when they only get to potentially attack me one time!

    Normal Battles, I seldom work on progressing to new levels. I mostly end up spending all of my energy on gearing up my characters. I use the same team listed for Galactic Wars for most battles. I grab all the gear for one character but do not equip it until the next day to make it faster to finish the Daily Activities.

    I am currently buying tokens for Old Daka in the Cantina, Darth Sidious in the Arena (for promotion), and Captain Phasma in GW (for promotion).

    I have the following characters available:
    - Ahsoka Tano
    - Biggs Darklighter
    - Captain Phasma
    - Clone Sergeant - Phase 1
    - Clone Wars Chewbacca
    - Coruscant Underworld Police
    - CT-5555 "Fives"
    - Darth Sidious
    - Ewok Scout
    - First Order TIE Pilot
    - General Veers
    - Geonosian Soldier
    - IG-86 Sentinel Droid
    - Jawa
    - Jedi Consular
    - Jedi Knight Guardian
    - Lobot
    - Luke Skywalker
    - Luminara Unduli
    - Nightsister Acolyte
    - Nightsister Initiate
    - Resistance Trooper
    - Royal Guard
    - Snowtrooper
    - Talia
    - Tusken Raider

    Having a large roster of characters helps immensely in GW. I am consistently getting 800+ War Tokens daily and the full clear for 1200 tokens 4-5 days a week.

    If anyone knows any good team comps with those characters I am always open to trying out new teams/strategies and improving my gameplay!
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