Hidden Nerf Herders(formerly The Remnants of the Order)

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Due to profanity/reserved corruption the guild formerly know as the Remnants of the Order have become the Hidden Nerf Herders. A group of not so scruffy guys, who enjoy a group mentality and are used to playing in teams from other guild and legion games. Get a head start to ruling the galaxy and become a Hidden Nerf Herder! Pm. MurbyT or Zraider here or through line chat app.

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  • I want to join. I know you guys have a good friendly legion. I can't wait!!
  • ZRaider
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    Let's get this thing rolling. The more the merrier. Anyone else want to join? I think we have 10+ right now. Let's rock the galaxy together and be its heroes.
  • Don't miss your chance to join a guild right away. Message Murby or me and we will get you in. We are planning on doing the update tonight so it will be available right away.
  • Yeah i want to join to. I saw I have to load the Line App.
  • Yes please. It's not required but it makes communication easier.
  • But send me you ally code in a pm and I'll add you so it'll make thing easier when guilds open.
  • We are an easy going, here to have fun, do the best we can, while still being competitive legion. As long as you play the level doesn't matter. We will grow together. We have a wide range of ranked players.
  • Want to join? Message one of us? Seats are filling up
  • About 10 spots left. Mostly 70+ level players but not all because anyone is welcomed as long as you actively play.
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