Leadership abilities... too restrictive and thus not enough variety

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Most of us will often see a eleventy billion Chewbaccas out there as ally leaders and even in many teams you face in the Arena and Galactic war especially early on...

As you level up you will see a lot of Barriss's and Sidious leaders... Recently I seen a number of Captain Phasma popping up...but what about the other leaders?

Recently I swapped out my Barriss for Luminara as their abilities seem similar, however after a week of fiddling around I found that in terms of my team Barriss was much better as I didn't need to focus on having team members which had high evasion. The health bonus was simpler and more effective on more characters than the evasion bonus from Luminara, which in my opinion depends too heavily on characters already on your team having a high evasion. The indirect advantage of Barriss's leadership ability also means other healers on your team tend to heal a lot more than when Luminara is leader ...

Now that's not the only problem with leadership abilites.

Lets take a look at Darth Vader... His offense bonus leadership ability though nice, only impacts Empire characters... Currently there aren't really enough Empire characters to warrant using Vader over someone like Sidious... as Sidious provides a flat out bonus to everyone regardless of their allegiance! So why would anyone really use Vader over Sidious? This might change as more Empire characters are added and thus add more diversity to team make up... but currently as it stands Vader is not worth using as a leader over Sidious.

Vader isn't the only character to suffer from a factional leadership restriction... The are others like Ackbar, Urorrur'r'r and Qui-Gon who only impact their respective factions.. and as is the case with Urorrur'r'r in particular there are not enough other tuskens to even make it worthwile to use his leadership ability...

In fact I'm surprised we don't see leaders built like Captain Phasma, where her primary faction gets the bulk of her leadership bonus... but allies from other factions get half bonus. Ima-Gun Di is another well balanced leader, he gives a flat out defense bonus to everyone, and then gives an additional counter attack to Jedi alllies..

Personally I feel all leaders need to be built like this.. where their primary faction gets their full leader bonus and non-faction allies get half or quarter depending on how powerful the full bonus is. As it stands people like Vader, Ackbar etc will not be used much as a leader, not because they are difficult to acquire but simply because their leadership abilities aren't worth using due to their restrictive nature
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    Personally I find the leadership abilities underwhelming, mainly because you can only use one. Find one you like, and it completely makes all your other characters' leader abilities completely useless. Wish there were some other mechanism.
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