Diminishing returns on Dodge ect?

Just about every RPG, mmo, or strategy game knows that Dodge and forms of crowd control are absolutely terrible in a fixed percentage state. Most don't even use them anymore. Why not subject things like stun, Dodge, heal immunity, ability block, ect. to a form of diminishing returns?

Hear me out.

You stun a hero which triggers a 2 turn diminished stun chance. Stuns are 75-50% less effective during those turns. If you don't stun anyone after those two turns, your chances go back to normal. If you do stun someone, the diminished stun chance timer is reset, and the chances are even lower. This same idea can be applied to dodges.

You Dodge an attack, and your hero has a 2 turn window with a lower chance to dodge (but you still could...just less of a chance). If you don't Dodge within those two turns, you go back to your normal rate, and if you do, it resets your "turn cooldown" and you have an even lower chance.

This takes away a LOT of the more frustrating things in this game. Daka chain stunning the heck out of people (tenacity helps of course) or those ridiculous strings where the opponent dodges 5 attacks in a row. Nobody thinks this is fun, it's frustrating, and its unbelievable that the current system hasn't been overhauled yet.
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