Seeing opponent line-up?

What do you guys think of the idea of being able to see other players team builds when you scroll through the ranks?


  • It would make battles too easy and the AI is already a severe handicap for defenders.

    I thought it would be nice too but then realized it would be too easy to tailor a team to knock someone off if there were no surprises while climbing the ranks.

    I'm in top 10-20 everyday and keep a logbook of the opponents' teams since I see the same guys over and over. Actually finished 5th today and beat number 2 twice but a bug robbed me of the placement. (see thread in Bugs and issues "Error, battle timed out" if you're interested)
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  • Loce
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    Showing more than leader is a VERY BAD THING for players that don't pay. Players that pay have more toons higher powered that can counter you.
  • Agreed. Defending is annoying enough as is. Let's keep some element of surprise.
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