High damage squad or stun squad? Discuss

The arenas top 25 is littered with high damage squads. When i mean that, they typically have Leia, Boba, Vader, and/or Sidious.
High damage is all good and all but, from experience, 20,000 power squads are easily wiped out by 16,000 power squads.

My squad pretty much hit a wall at 17,775 due to lack of obtaining promotions. But the easiest way to dismantle most of these squads is by making them not attack at all due to a crap ton of stuns and extra attacks that increases the chance to stun.

So imo stuns outweigh high dps. Discuss...


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    Control is king and isn't hard to pull off against the AI. You can bait heals, stun, and block all the way through. Total reliance on damage is a total reliance on RNGeesus (who doesn't hear my prayers anyway)
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    Dps! dps! Dps!
    Can't beat POE and aren't willing to change strats to defeat him? Cry nerf lol
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    I don't have leveled high attack characters. The best are non farmable. But two stunners widely available are Dooku and Daka. So I know more about this, than high attack.

    If you use stun correctly, as the other poster mentioned, you control the enemy flow. Unfortunately, there is RNG for stuns too. But with two stunners, luck isn't a huge issue. In this scenario you still need good healers. Otherwise they will still out-dps you.

    The problem with high dps and stunners alike is that they suck on defense. The AI is bad, and in bith cases you will suck on defense. But stunner teama are a bit more at risk.

    But what happens in more mixed strategies? Some of the most anoyingvteams I fought have high dps or high stun, combined with a good taunter, and a rock solid healer...

    These teams are a nuisance because they force you to make risky choices. There's no safe approach.

    Sometimes, if you have stun, you can stun the taunter. But if it fails and is the third ir fourth **** you have? All thenither damage will disappear after the healer. And the just before heal cooldown time, the second taunt will save their heavy damage folks again.

    If you choose to facus all 5 into one higher dps char, and it evades a bit, the taunter will make them fire ine more round and the healer will refresh them to levels that make you start again. In the meantime, you soent teo turns healing too, and thentaunter is alive to scr** you against in a couple of turns.

    If you focus on the taunter first...hiw donyou like being shot by very high dps non stop for 2-3 turns, to then notice all high damagers are at 100% and the healer there still with an unused heal?

    Mist of the times, I have to heavy heal, and bring taunter down first. It eliminates luck, and I also know that Lumi's health, Daka and Talia will all fire heal in first two turns, with Lumi last so that Instill have heal on turn 4, and the stuns now offer me advantage. But at this point in time, I am healer-less formtwo turns now, and can't fail to bring rhat TIe down and have their heler resurrect.

    It's either that (risky still!) or a rce to take down Maul or First Order Pilot asap. If thentaunter kicks in...omg.
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    Oh yeah the best ive found to do is beat the rank between 5 and 8 minutes before prize time (6pm pst) then you get rank when its worth it
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