So I give up on GW... Not any fun anymore.

After all the ups and downs, I had FINALLY gotten to a point where I could complete it daily (on most occasions), and have fun while reaping the rewards.

In the last 3 days I've done 4 GW battles, and I don't plan on doing anymore. Simply not worth the time and effort.

This protection garbage ruined it for good.

I could deal with the constant bad RNG I seem to be cursed with, but not when they all have twice the health they used to have, while my team's damage output has been lowered.

Takes way too long, now I'd have to use my A throughout the entire thing, and where's the fun in that!?
It's just a MUCH longer arena.....

Done with it.

Which sucks, because that was my favorite part of the game. Ruined now.
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