AAAAARGH!.. I went for the wrong equipment.

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I love this game.
However, tonight.

So, I go to I level my equipment, I usually go after one piece at a time (I.E. Vader**, spot 1. Spot 2 etc.) when I run out of tries I wait for reload. (** btw using "Vader" as an example.)

Today I was busy and got pretty full reload for tries. (Happy Stuff!)

I had it in my head I was looking for 3 "purple looking laptop things", I knew where they were to be found.. I just went to that mission. I got three "Things" (Yay).. I went to fill the slot and no green cross! :#

I looked.. I had already filled them, I had 23/20. :( I needed the things from slot 4! :s

I know I can use them eventually, but still....

I know this seems petty, but I also know some of you can feel my pain.

I tried to tell my wife but she looked at me like I was speaking Wookie.. or I was just insane.

I think my Dog might feel me, he kinda gave me that, "I would give you a thumbs down but I don't have opposable thumbs" look.. Kinda.. Maybe..perhaps... Nope.


Sorry. I just had to vent to people that might understand.

I will do better tomorrow.
**** it.


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    My level is 52 when i completed collecting material for my Asajj.
    Then i just realized that she has to be level 61 to equip that item.
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    Ha! I did the same thing. About 2 weeks ago, i was focused on ventress, thinking "this chick is really gonna pay out some day" and farmed her big stuff. She was my highest gear level hero at vii. I farmed for like 3 days and built the equipment, and then.... she cant equip it until level 62 or whatever...
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    today, i accidentally farmed an entire mk 8 taggeco holo lens.

    that purple gear requires 2 mk 7 fabritech data pads.
    each pad requires 2 mk 5 blastech weapon mods.
    each mod requires 1 mk 5 blastech weapon mod prototype, etc etc.

    in the end, i used 2 refills to make an extra piece of gear that i may or may not use ( i only needed 2 of the mk 8 taggeco holo lenses).

    mighty chlorians
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