Droid team: Ig100

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Was wondering if this guy is worth farming for my droid team? Currently I have hk47,ig86,88, poggler and lumi. Lumi is working great but with ig100 it would be a full synergy. What do you guys think of ig100 over lumi


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    I havent and wouldnt bother with him. He is underpowered with lackluster abilities. An ideal droid team would have stormtropper han over a healer as he taunts for 3 turns keeping your trio alive but also has insane turn meter manipulation. That being said he isnt easily obtainable until after hk & 88 are maxed so id stick with lumi/consular (lvl 58+) in pvp for the time being.

    Now if you're just looking for something to put your cantina energy into, he may be your best bet depending on if you have other squads. At least you can throw magna in after another ig dies in GW and still get synergies, but I don't think magna makes the cut for any 5man droid team.
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