Thank you!

It seems like you guys heard our frustrations on the Attacker challenge and corrected the madness that it had become. I can now happily complete highest level as before. It is reasuring that you guys either A) read all the Frustration we had with it, or B) recognized the error yourselves and fixed it. Either case, much appreciated.

Now... Can a better balance be found in Galactic Wars? Cause facing off against almost maxed out teams midway through is pretty brutal. It was good, then it did this, then the t seemed like you guys corrected it, but now once again after last patch it's ridiculously hard again. Remeber our characters don't regain pritection once it's lost, nor have fresh counters on abilities like the opposition gets. Protection, thus mad it that much worse. Gotta give us something there, refreshed protect & health, refreshed ability counters or both.



  • Boo
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    I hear ya - I think protection should be dropped on GW, not only for what your point is, but also because it now makes GW too long, tedious, frustrating and boring all in one.

    Additionally, wave after wave of heavy toned teams at high level 78s is insane. It needs to be changed asap.

    However, this post should be in regard to feedback on GW, not in challenges.
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