assaj or savage opress?

Wich do you prefer for pvp rank? Why? Thankk


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    Asajj is best.

    Savage is very one dimensional. He has a solid attack, a solid special attack with a 25% chance to add a critical hit to your next two turns. His leader skill is mediocre and his passive is average. The best part about him is his large hp pool.

    Asajj on the other hand is much more interesting. Her basic attack has a chance to stun, her dispel ability (although supposedly bugged) is great to focus down a healer when an enemy uses its taunt, or it will give you a decent heal when your enemy uses buffs a lot, e.g. Phasma, Poggle. Then her special works amazingly if you time it well. Because of her bad speed (useful in this instance) she is one off the last heroes to attack, this is good though because then an enemy is already down to little health. It does almost as much as her standard attack, but if you kill an opponent with it then it clears all cooldowns. This means you can dispel, AOE, AOE, dispel, AOE etc. This does massive damage to the entire team and has won me many battles. She also has a pretty good leader ability if you are running all nightsisters.

    So Savage is brute force and strength, Asajj is a thinking man's hero, if she is in the right hands she will shine.
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    I chose Savage over Asaji. Dissapointed in both characters really. But Asaji is just too slow, Savage is faster and more viable with PVP.

    Asaji or one of her team mates are almost 100% of the time dead by the time she gets to her first attack when i fight her, making her worthless. What good are those great abilities if she dies before she uses them.
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    Dont tell @DarthMasterShawn that, it's his beloved character.
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    Ventress is the slowest character in the game. She may have decent abilities but if I absolutely HAD to choose, then I would go with Savage.

    I personally wouldn't run either of them. There are better choices in the arena imo.
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