More updates coming!

Hello all –

First, I wanted to thank you all for your continued feedback! The passion and commitment you’re demonstrating for this game we all love is truly humbling.

As you have seen, we’ve posted updates Friday and again on Saturday to address some of the concerns players have raised after the update last Thursday.

Tomorrow, we plan to release two more quick fixes:
  • We are reworking the allocation of hit points to the health bar segments. This should give a better indication as to which characters have greater or fewer hit points.
  • On Friday we increased the speed of manual combat for all modes to match Galactic War (currently the fastest mode). We will now also increase the speed of Auto to match Galactic War.
We have other changes in the works, but I wanted to set expectations that we may or may not be able to get other changes out this week. Reason being that we are putting the final touches and final testing on the next major update which brings Guilds, Raids, and Guild Chat to the game. See Jesse’s Raids Preview.

We have to carefully air traffic control the various pieces of that release along with any updates we’d want to get out to you guys.

Key areas we’re also looking at:
  • Addressing concerns that Galactic War is taking longer than it used to for players
  • Investigating bugs and tuning issues reported for various characters
  • Making the fully random drop rate experience more predictable, an oxymoron that’s harder than it seems
  • And more

As we get more certainty as to exactly what and exactly when we’ll be able to get those changes in, Jesse and/or I will update you guys.

Thanks again for all your feedback. We are reading it actively and addressing it as quickly as we can.

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