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  • 553-558-897

    Have a free spaces left, some new ones coming up soon, lvl 58, searching for high level allies to help me get trough more nodes.

    Thank you all in advance.
  • Ive added the latest entries, if you got wishes just pm me ;)
  • Deeznerds1983
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    pizzathehut 385-565-939 pls add if you're looking to join a daily active guild
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  • Saludos, nuestro gremio se llama AERIALS contamos con 22 miembros activos 24/7 y niveles 40 hasta 14 miembros con 85 que ayudan a los jugadores nuevos. Buen ambiente, siempre con respeto y competitividad. Mi código de aliado 122-373-666
  • New player looking for Allies 256-793-511
  • I'm nearing 70th level... I could use some good allies ....hit me up
  • 414-273-853

    Two spots open
  • Light Side Battles: Rey Jedi Training
    Dark Side Battles: Kylo Ren Unmasked
    Mod Battles: Bossk
    Cantina Battles: Director Krennic

  • me 22 lvl, find high lvl alies. Help me please

  • AngusOatsy
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    11/17/18 - level 31

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  • 265-862-673
    Add me I need some ppl to help with battles .
  • Need allies who play daily. 618-711-527 ally code Will only add you if high lvl. Have been playing since start and have literally a dozens or more 85 max w max equipment spliced mods. Plz daily and consistent players only. I edit those who are afk longer than a five days. Ty
  • 327-949-725

    Level 43, working my way up... could use powerful allies!
  • 191-966-982
    DM me @Dark Rolyzzz#9997 for information on New Rebel Order or if interested in joining. Join the Rebellion and be a part of the Rebel Revolution!
  • 745-477-398
    Light Side: Commander Luke Skywalker, 2x Zeta, G12+
    Dark Side: Grand Admiral Thrawn, 2x Zeta, G12+
    Cantina: Darth Traya, 2x Zeta, G11 - will be G12 in a couple of days
    Mod Battles: General Kenobi, G12

    I got over 20 slots open.
  • VelasquezChile
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    Hello, do you want to belong to our guild? there are no requirements, just play


    VELASQUEZCHILE my code 122-373-666
  • Add me. Plz only daily players 85 I need people who play every day. I do as well. 618-711-527
  • Hello, my friend is lower level player looking for strong allies to progress in cantina/mods/battles, her ally code is:


    Please add her if you can and help.
  • Ajrieder
    Part of PewPewGotcha guild
    Ally code 153-964-725
    Need help PLEASE!!!
    Would like 4-5 top players who have a spot free to help me finish off the tables for light and dark side and cantina so i can use sim tickets. Need to complete level 9 on both.
    I have room for 3-4 lower lever players as well to help. If you are active you will stay on my list.
    I check my list once every 30 days and try to keep active players as allies.
    Very happy to help active players and would love some help to finish off the tables.
    Known as Mara Jayde in the game
    DISCORD ACCOUNT Mara Jayde#3135 (messages and game chat welcome)
    Australian player (western standard time)
    Thanks in advance to everyone <3o:)
    Amanda Jayne
  • 717-621-584 feel free to add me ;-)
  • 336-425-231 new player looking for allies
  • 841-469-446 level 72 looking for higher level help :smile:
  • Rhydia
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    Level 80 player with 9 spots open for any newer players that need some help. 848-221-486

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  • My code 643-766-362 , im only lvl 50 but pls add me , trying to complete ally achievements, currently at 12/25, im at 12/50 slots.
  • VinnyG
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    Looking for allies please 265-521-993
  • Fresh restart old player 377-833-972. Will take anyone who adds
  • Looking for help of high level players, possibly 80+. I would be most grateful for any help you are able to provide. :)

    My ally code is 361 352 821
  • Active returning player;

    Currently level 49
    My Ally code is : 518-449-243

    Need help clear those missions, please help.
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