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    hi! im new. please add me. my ally code is 848-841-154. thanks
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    New to game needing allies. Very active and looking to play a long time. Please send requests.

    Ally code: 782-855-777
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    Add me please, i'm a new player, need a lot of help to pass through campaign
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    Looking for allies, any level appreciated!!

    Code: 246-685-554
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    Add me as ally if an ally is needed..also check our guild....705 shadowtrappersCSIScrew
  • Kentmick
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    Commander Luke Skywalker you are my only hope!

    Need to clear Light side 9 hard mode. Have a decent Phoenix squad but want to 3 star everything for farming.


    I would greatly appreciate this. When I am done I will remove you as an ally. The more the faster. Thank you!

    I have director Krennic 7 stars. G10 with the only ability left is the zeta.
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    581-757-934 Thanks :)
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    New player but welcome anyone willing to add me!! 462-211-151
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    811-737-865 Thank You!
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    - I put that **** on everything
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    We are the Berniecratic Justice League, our leader Kazumizi and myself Syon Knox second officer in command are gratefully for you to join us!

    We are a small guild with universal players around the world, USA, Spain, Europe, Rusia and also Venezuelan members! So far we have 20 members.

    We are looking new members to join us from preferably 45+ lvl and very regular active in game.

    This days we do Raids and territorial battles so far as we can.

    For example; Rancor level 6, AAT normal and Sith level 4. We want to do better every week...

    We help each other daily with gear items sharing as much as we can.

    We dont have any other requirements than be very active (daily if possible) and respect all members opinions. Except of the rare comments that our leader Kaz write in chat sometimes LOL

    My ally code 534-761-556
    Thanks all!
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    New player looking for helpful allies. Thanks.
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    Level 40 new player looking for level 60+ players to add as allys to help me out. thanks in advance! 922-156-998
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    The First Triumvirate Guild are looking for members. all new players welcome as well as anyone else who is reasonably active. add me if you would like to join add me 922-156-998
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    Level 45 looking for allies

  • Nokhai
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    898-862-186 feel free to add me (i have about 13 or 15 slots left before i hit 50 allies). :smile:
  • Poxx
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    zzOB g12 +100 speed LS/Cantina
    zzThrawn g12 +125 speed DS

    Have 10 ally spots. Allies will b kept for 72 hours b4 making room for others. Feel free.

    Yes I know it's a necro thread but someone always needs a hand and I pulled this up after drinking too much lol
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    Greetings fellow grind slaves, brand new player here......sort of.

    My ally code is: 436-262-749

    At the stage I'm at you'll be getting a Dooku 3* or a Talia 4* fairly well geared.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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    Started a new account to focus on a Phoenix Squad beginning. Looking for some mid to late game players to friend with.

    IGN - Cpytron

    Ally Code - 869-716-565
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    829-963-719 any adds appreciated!
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    894 378 525
  • Zodd
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    ally code: 973-513-543 (new player)

    need some players that can help me develop

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Looking for active allies
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    Hey! my ally code: 827-263-954
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    LvL 41 rookie.
    Active every day.
    EU and Danish.
    Looking for Strong Allies and possible guides/helpful players.

    Ally gode: 892-898-679
  • SeanutB
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    I'm a level 85 active everyday. My shared hero for cantina is a gear 12 Emperor Palpatine (26.3k health; 37.9k protection) with a zeta on his leadership.

    My light side is probably Visas Marr, gear 11 with zeta and lots of protection. Let me know if you want someone in particular. Perhaps Old Ben Kenobi would be better, because if an ally tank dies you can still get 3 star. But Visas heals, counter attacks, and revives.

    My dark side is probably General Grievous.

    Code: 269 - 969 - 921
    I have a handful of ally spots open I'll give a few to new guys if you need a strong support for your battles. I do remove allies if they're inactive for a day or two.
    Terankar wrote: »
    LvL 41

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    I just did some ally cleaning and I’m now at 42/50 and looking to fill the last 8 so send me a request, I’m not looking for any specific level
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