Sharding or gearing?

I am level 55, and most of my gear now for my mains in Purple. I am looking at the requirements to gear to 8 for some of my toons, and it's really high. I am figuring I am getting 720 energy a day(240 natural, 480 from 4 refills). The characters I want to star up right now takes 444 of that per day atm. Should I concentrate on starring or farming mats? Once I get everyone up to 5* should I then concentrate on gear?
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  • As per, they explain that gear is better to build than Star levels...
  • Gear VII is the max for most of the toons so you can space out on gear farming if all your mains are there.Get evreyone to 5* other wise they wont survive more than a couple turns in squad arena and gw.Then get back to gears :smile:
  • Most toons can't actually finish getting to gear 8 because it's behind a level cap we can't reach. If your toons gear is already to level 7 I would recommend trying to get them to 7*'s
  • Thanks for the help.
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