Looking for competitive guild

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I'm L75, finish first daily, so have 4000 crystals per week to spend. I'm FTP but very active. Have resources to complete tier 6 guild dailies with tier 7 possible for everything but LS/DS battles.

6 7 star charactors 3 gear nine 3 gear VIII 6 six star chars gear VIII.

I'm looking for an active guild committed to daily playing able to always finish at least the tier 6 goals with a goal of finishing tier 7s.

I also don't want to join a Facebook group or line chat app. Msg me on here or post if you think your guild is a fit


  • LaLiam
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    I would consider recruiting you but a group app such as Line is essential to good communication/privacy.
    If you change your mind on that pm me here and I'll give you details of my guilds.
  • I am also looking for a competitive guild, also level 75, finish 1st more days than not, 17 7* with 5 more toons than just need to be promoted, 15 toons with gear +8 and spend at least $30 on the game. I recently downloaded the line app
  • Zee
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    Stroking Our Wookie is recruiting players for the upcoming guild release. We are currently at 33/50 looking to hit max by opening day. With a minimum goal of being a top 100 guild.

    Players very in experience from new to mid 70s. A couple top 25s and many top 500 players. Mostly UK/US but looking to make global friends.

    Gems are not required but appreciated. All we want is daily players who will chat with us in GroupMe.

    Come stroke wookies with us today.

    You're invited to my new group 'Stroking Our Wookie' on GroupMe.

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